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Welcome to Reborn Magazine.  A publication dedicated to the rebirth and re-emergence of Dearborn and Metro Detroit.  Started in 2011, our magazine has been the billboard for cities that once were the pinnacle of business and are becoming once again in 2015. Reborn Magazine is committed to becoming a valuable resource for local business owners to showcase their business and create a footprint in the community.  

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Fall Beer festival @ E. Market

Michigan Brewers Guild


Beer Crazy!!!!

Current Mission

Does it get any more vintage Detroit than Eastern Market?!?  With weekly events hosting vendors and locals peddling their wares, it has become an iconic sign of the rebirth of Detroit.  But it wasn't just another week at the E. Market as last weekend marked the arrival of the annual  Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival. 

Michigan is in the midst of a beer brewing movement and this festival seems to be ground zero for beer connoisseurs looking to find all their vices in one location.  With popular shops like Detroit's HopCat and arguably Michigan's most powerful brewer Founders, it's no wonder this event drew almost 9,000 attendees this year!!! 

The event is extremely well ran and organized so don't shy away from the large crowds or chilly weather.   With all the amenities and precautions properly considered, the Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival shows guests great hospitality and a great time! -Cheers

Detroit Muscle

Shanty Creek Resorts is the premiere destination for those looking to fully enjoy Michigan's beautiful winters.  Shanty Creek and Schuss Mt offer pristine conditions and accommodations in Michigan's recreational North!  Indulge in multiple ski runs, cross country skiing, tubing, and dog sled rides that will put a smile on the face of those young and old. 

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