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Thank you MGM Grand Detroit!  Cheers to you guys for bringing one of the most popular recreational brands to Detroit!  Anchored in the heart of Downtown Detroit, MGM Grand Detroit has created one of the most unique experiences our city has to offer with their newly launched TopGolf Swing Suite.  Following the theme of Detroit innovation, MGM Grand Detroit and TopGolf have teamed up to bring Detroiters something you may not typically find in the center of a bustling metropolis....GOLF.  The TopGolf Swing Suite was some how able to capture all the things we love about golf all while getting rid of the things we hate about it!  TopGolf provides all the expensive equipment and turns "hitting the range" into a year long activity.  No more racing against the cold fall/winters of Michigan or lugging around your clubs.  If practice makes perfect, the TopGolf Suite is as fun as practice is ever going to get!

Tired of the watered down well drinks and 2-day old hot dogs you get on the course?    At TopGolf, ditch the golf cart for ala carte! The Swing Suite has an absolutely amazing menu of drinks/food to choose from and an even more impressive staff to serve them to you.  Stop on in for an hour to pre-drink or spend the whole night enjoying the golf simulators, music, arcade games, projection TV's, and the views of our beautiful city.

This very private and exclusive space is perfect for enjoying the game and your company!

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 + Sunday to Thursday: $50 per hour

 + Friday to Saturday: $60 per hour

     *Must be 21 years old+ to enter


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As us locals continue to ride the wave of this rad dining wave that has taken over the city of Detroit, we have to recommend the group that certainly helped start it.  As a newly formed restaurant group, Inlaws Hospitality has certainly captured our attention and our taste buds with 3 iconic spots in Metro Detroit that have set the pace for the rest of the field to turn Detroit into a capital of cuisine. 

Their first projectGreen Dot Stables just didn't reappear on the scene, it created it.  As one of the best pre-game meal/cocktail joints, it officially put the words "gourmet sliders"  into every Detroiter's vocabulary.  Then they moved on to solve another one of Detroit's missing pieces by opening up the Japanese Ramen shop Johnny Noodle King. Serving deliciously unique options has once again broken down the doors of the typical and has brought a much needed Asian cuisine presence to the heart of Detroit. 

And now they have blessed us with Huron Room.  If you are tired of wandering into these new places that seem to be the same ol' same ol' with just a fresh coat of paint and a new name, step into the Huron Room.  This is fine dining brought to you casually in such detail that it makes you realize how good they are at what they do.  This place has the most dedicated chefs that have literally traveled coast to coast and across continents to bring you flavors that are just as genuine and diverse as the places they traveled to get them.

These folks are artisans.  Performers dedicated to giving the audience a show well worth admission.  And you can tell they're not back in the kitchen preparing your food, they're back there perfecting it.  You don't have to look at the label of the bottle to see where they get their unbelievable sauces from, look in the kitchen as they hand craft each one.  Proudly. 

With a collection of over 30 Michigan Beers and devilishly created cocktails like The MezcalRita (you're welcome), Huron Room has made it possible to enjoy some food like your at home in Momma's kitchen and enjoy a great time out on the town.