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Thank you MGM Grand Detroit!  Cheers to you guys for bringing one of the most popular recreational brands to Detroit!  Anchored in the heart of Downtown Detroit, MGM Grand Detroit has created one of the most unique experiences our city has to offer with their newly launched TopGolf Swing Suite.  Following the theme of Detroit innovation, MGM Grand Detroit and TopGolf have teamed up to bring Detroiters something you may not typically find in the center of a bustling metropolis....GOLF.  The TopGolf Swing Suite was some how able to capture all the things we love about golf all while getting rid of the things we hate about it!  TopGolf provides all the expensive equipment and turns "hitting the range" into a year long activity.  No more racing against the cold fall/winters of Michigan or lugging around your clubs.  If practice makes perfect, the TopGolf Suite is as fun as practice is ever going to get!

Tired of the watered down well drinks and 2-day old hot dogs you get on the course?    At TopGolf, ditch the golf cart for ala carte! The Swing Suite has an absolutely amazing menu of drinks/food to choose from and an even more impressive staff to serve them to you.  Stop on in for an hour to pre-drink or spend the whole night enjoying the golf simulators, music, arcade games, projection TV's, and the views of our beautiful city.

This very private and exclusive space is perfect for enjoying the game and your company!

Top Golf

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It's January!!!  Where the dreams of a White Christmas go to die!  Take me back to the old days where you were driving home from your Nanna's house Christmas Eve looking up through the thick flakes of snow to try to catch a glimpse of Santa and his sleigh against the dark sky. Kids would be running around the neighborhood building forts and having snowball fights during their Holiday breaks from school.  And now?.....I seen someone cutting their lawn the day after Christmas!!!!!

So yes, dreams of a White Christmas are DETROIT!  But we are lucky to live in the state of four seasons and there are places where the dreams of a White Christmas are alive and well!  So point your sleighs north and follow us North to a place where you'll still find kids coming inside with rosy cheeks from a day of sledding and can still see the soft glow of Christmas lights reflecting off the snow.  

About 4 hours North, in the city of Bellaire, Shanty Creek Resorts has recently turned into a place that turns the fictional dreams of a winter wonderland into reality.  And it's just as beautiful as you're imagining it is. A small village covered with snow, its downtown outlined in shiny white Christmas lights, and the sound of clomping boots as Michiganders are out and about enjoying the holiday season.   Christmas and New Years are over but it honestly hasn't felt like the holidays until everything is covered in snow.

As we all anticipate this wonderful time of year that always seems to take forever to arrive, only to be over in an instant, Shanty Creek has emerged as a great place to extend your holiday season as well.  After the hustle of the holidays, Shanty Creek not only provides guests with a winter playground of skiing, tubing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding; but it also gives you the chance to step back and enjoy these moments without the noise of shopping, family parties, or work events.


Shanty Creek is a beautiful sprawling resort that can cater to the sports enthusiast or the relaxation enthusiast.  With several options for skiing, including bunny hills and instructional programs, SCR is a premium location for anyone looking to go downhill.  They have an amazing tubing hill that is steps away from the iconic Lakeview Hotel with panoramic views of beautiful Lake Bellaire.  Within Shanty Creek is Cedar River, which is where you can rent ski's, snowboards, grab a bite to eat at the Bistro and now.....can enjoy a round at the newly added Top Golf Swing Suite. And of course Ivan's!!!  A hillside bar that is serving up food and the infamous Shot-Ski!

Off property, you'll find one of Michigan's most popular little towns.  Downtown Bellaire has developed into a quaint town filled with boutiques shops, toy stores, wine/whiskey distilleries, and is the home to one of Michigan's most popular breweries, Shorts Brewing Company.